You might find these resources useful.

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  1. This is the source code that formed the basis for this tournament. If you wish to develop your own strategies, this is an excellent resource as the source code is fully open, easy to understand and the tutorial and other documentation is superb. We would like to congratulate the author of this site for doing a superb job.
  4. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Description
  5. Play a Game
  6. Search for Prisoners Dilemma on Google
  7. – Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma Game and Simulation.
    A game and simulation based on the Prisoner’s Dilemma game theory. It allows users to simulate various stategies to play against each other or against the user. Coded in Javascript by Wayne Davis.
  8. – Spatialised Prisoner’s Dilemma: Evolution Simulator
    A spatialised version of Prisoner’s Dilemma that allows the user to specify strategies and simulate evolution of strategies. Coded in Javascript by Wayne Davis.