The Prisoner's Dilemma Publication Plans


As part of this project we are planning a number of publications. Not all of them may happen and there may be additional opportunities but this page gives you some idea of the plans we have discussed.

Updated Book

One of the outcomes that we are aiming for is to produce a book, "20 years on", from the Axelrod book. With this in mind we will be inviting authors to submit papers for this book which describes their strategies, discusses their results, their thoughts behind their strategies etc.
As part of this book, we will report the results of the competitions that we ran.
Of course, this book has the potential to be very large. Even though we will send the papers for peer review, we still might be a large number of high quality papers so our plans might have to change a little :-).

We will be posting an officail call for papers here soon.

Special Issue of Journal(s)

We plan to approach editors to guest edit special issues of journals. We will not begin this dissemination route until we have some idea of the entries we have received which will give us an indication of the journals that might be suitable.
However, if you are the editor of a journal and you think that this competition might make a suitable special issue, please get in touch.

General Interest Book

We are also planning to write a general interest book. That is, of interest to the scientifically interested general public. This book will outline the prisoners dilemma, past work (e.g. Axelrod's original competitions) and will also relate the story of this competition including how it was born, the planning, the ups, the downs and the results etc.


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